Services for Chefs and Farmers

Across The Board Food Delivery tailors a wide range of distribution services based on chefs’ and farmers’ individual needs. We understand that neither chefs nor farmers have the same needs. Some may need a reliable service to funnel through their already existing customers for order fulfilment. Others may need us to actively go out and find new opportunities for market expansion through connections with companies and institutions in the RTP area. As a delivery service, we do both.

By connecting local chefs and farmers we contribute to expanding their market. 


Convenience is our forte. Experience the convenience of having the best local cuisine that the triangle area has to offer, delivered straight to your home or workplace. Customers can feel good knowing that their delivery orders are supporting the sustainability of our local food ecosystem.

Farm to Chef

Across The Board Food Delivery provides a large network of black, brown and indigenous farmers for local chefs to connect with for fresh local produce.

Committed To A High Standard Of Service

Our commitment to a high standard of service includes:
-Having ServSafe certified drivers who are available when needed.  Those who are certified, are trained to properly handle and store food that is being delivered.
-Delivery drivers are equipped with Cambro food storage containers to ensure that appropriate food temperatures are maintained.